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When I head out for the pool these day (just before 5 am) it is light out. Light enough to read if you wanted to.  In winter, it's pitch black dark still by the time I get home (6:30ish).  Having it light out makes me feel like I'm late. At the Ballard pool, the sun hit the water while I was swimming and was not at all comfortable. At least at my regular pool, they built a building across the street in the last year so the sun no longer blinds.

The baseball game is at 9am this morning. They moved it up to avoid a potential rain out.  So we have the kind of baseball Breakfast at Wimbledon.

A week from tomorrow I have my annual physical. Not really a physical just more of an overview checkup. At my request, we skip most of the routine tests for cancers so it really boils down to a meet and greet with lab work. That lab work gives me two different stress points. Invariably, I do not have to pee when presented with the cup. For the last couple of years, I've used pee insurance. I have a little jar that used to hold pimentos. I boil it up the night before, fill it with pee when I wake up and take it in my purse. If I can't pee when I get there, I use my backup pee. But, I'm always afraid of getting caught and it's a little stressful carrying pee in your purse. Sometimes, like last year, just knowing that I have the backup helps and I don't even have to use it.

But the real issue is diabetes. For a bunch of years now, my nums have fallen in the pre-diabetic range. My doctor will start serious doctoring if I cross that line. I would really like to avoid that.  Really. I know it's diet. And I know that I have no interest in changing my diet. Particularly changing it to eliminate all the things that are bad for me. Plus, I have no interest in eating all the stuff that is good for me. So, if the pre-diabetic becomes real diabetic, we will have a Houston sized problem.

My doctor will put the lab results in the MyChart app within hours of my getting them done. So at least I'll have a heads up about issues and/or be able to breathe easy and go in with no stress at all. I think I'm going to go ahead and do the lab thing tomorrow and get it over with. They open so early that I can pop in on my way home from the pool.

Time to boil the pimento jar.

While swimming, I am listening to Who Thought This Was A Good Idea written by one of Obama's top staff about her years in the White House. She is the one who reads the book as well. As a book reader she takes sucks to a whole new level. Her sing song 'this is so boring' style makes me want to stop mid-lane and slap her face.

The actual behind the curtains stuff is interesting but the way she tells it is not. I think it's generational. I don't feel like I'm an old fuddy duddy this woman sure makes me believe I am. Her baseline for what's appropriate to write, think and even believe is, often way off the mark of what I think is appropriate. Every once in a while, she offers up a tip - for job interviewing or job doing or something else. And nearly every tip leads me to think DUH! Anyone with half a brain would know that. I have very little experience with people younger than I am. And probably that's a good idea. Happily the book is only 6 hours. I'm half way done. I'd like to finish it.
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