Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that was different

The house cleaner is supposed to be here at 9:30 sometimes she's on time. Often she is late. The first couple of years she cleaned for me, she took to calling me on the day she was to be here and asking to come at 5 or another day. I finally told her to stop that. I came close to firing her a couple of times. But for the last 5 or so years she's come near the line but not over.

But today, when I hadn't seen her by 11:30, I called she said she was almost here. She finally got here and came in saying "I'm so sorry!" I've heard it all before and I was pissed. She said "Are you mad at me?" and I told her I sure was. She went on and on something about her phone and finally I stopped her.

"Can you be here by 10?"
"Ok, new deal. If you can't be here by 10, just don't come, ok? If I don't see you by 10, I'll know you aren't coming. Ok? Can we do it that way?"

She agreed and I think that will work fine. Rarely is it critical she cleans and if she doesn't show, I save $. But, almost more importantly, I save the stress of being pissed.

The morning I was saved by the treats. After we agreed on the new arrangement, I told her I had a surprise.

It was fun. She opened both and we each had a cookie and wow. They are delicious. Really perfect little not too sweet, great with coffee or tea. Really good. She made me try the chocolate, too and while it was good, those cookies - Lokum - win.

And then I left. I was feeling better and figured that our relationship would repair faster and she would clean faster if I was out of there. I went to Costco. I parked far away and stopped for a hot dog for lunch and then wandered around gathering steps for my fitness tracker. I had a list of steak, bacon and cupcakes. I had the steak and bacon and had determined they had no cupcakes today, when my phone rang.

I'm very surprised I heard it and even more surprised that I answered it. It was BECU. Someone had just turned in my drivers license, a credit card and my debit card. ??!!! I had just had them in the parking lot!! They were all in the wallet I keep in the car with my Costco card. Must be while I was getting the Costco card out, I dropped the others. The BECU guy was really nice. He was in the White Center office which is about 15 mins from Costco.

I cannot believe someone just randomly found the cards and went right to BECU with them. How very very nice. No clue who it was but thank you.

So I left Costco and went to BECU to get a new debit card and pick up the visa and drivers license. I didn't even know they had a BECU branch there! It's right by the dollar store I go to. (And I was quite proud that I did not pull in there and leave dollars!) Getting home from there was a bit of a hassle with traffic but no biggie and the house cleaner was well gone by the time I got home.

I also have lost my Capital One debit card. Not a good day for cards for me. I know that Capital One card is in this house somewhere but no clue where. I called them. They are sending a new one.

And my fitness tracker is very happy.

The End.

Today's baseball loss starts at 4. To all my Washington National friends. You are welcome.
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