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Oddly, while I have many and vivid memories of working up to the AS/400 product announcement, I honestly cannot remember anything of the actual events or much after. So weird.

I think I just worked myself into a walking coma. I do remember getting an ear infection in both ears and waking up in the middle of the night in the most horrendous pain imaginable and bleeding from both ears. And not even very phased by it. It took forever to heal up from that but I did.

Daddy had retired and they looked all over for the best place to live out their golden years and picked Charleston, SC. I had not really been back to visit in several years and connected with them only once in a while by phone.

My sister got married in Colorado and my cousin (who lives in Oklahoma City) flew up to Rochester and we made a road trip out of it - stopping at every tourist spot along the way - Wall Drug to Corn Palace to the guys carved in the mountain and the guy on the horse. It was a great great trip. The wedding. eh, but it was fun to see everyone again. Then back to Minnesota.

About eight months after the announcement, Tom got promoted to a new job. He was off to run a giant software lab in northern California. They split up Tom's job so that kind of eliminated mine. My manager was not at all interested in having me work directly for her so I was really truly of out of a job. One of Tom's managers was appointed to lord over all the software AS/400 software and apps in several different locations. That guy asked me if I would come do for him what I had done for Tom. I had not really even looked around for what might be next. I was sure I would be able to find something somewhere but I liked this guy ok and Rochester and so I said ok but, honestly, not with a lot of enthusiasm.

Tom was going back and forth between California and wrapping stuff up in Minnesota and on his last trip back, he came into my office and said 'I really need you to move to California and work for me there.'

I had never ever been to California at the time. I stopped only to call the other guy and tell him sorry (not sorry) and I was on my way to San Jose!

To Be Continued
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