Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's warm out. It was really warm on Sunday without electricity. It's going to cool off a little tomorrow but then be warm for Memorial Day weekend. So. Is it time to bring the air conditioner in from storage? I think so but I thought I'd procrastinate and write about it first (and, of course, after).

I finished off the latest shirt. I think I need to stop and tidy up the sewing room. Tomorrow is house cleaner day and, honestly, the sewing room is too messy now for her to even get in there to vacuum. So that must done today.

I did take a walk. I went the long way to the teriyaki place and discovered 2 places are now empty store fronts - one antique store and one bar. And there's a huge new upscale Mexican-ish restaurant that looks lovely with an interesting menu.

I did a load of laundry that included several of my new shirts. I love putting on a new shirt after I finish it but the next big jolt of joy is when it comes out of the dryer and looks just like it did when I finished it. Very satisfying.

I spent a fair amount of time with my finances. I'm running thin due to the Mariner purchase. My goal is to get by with my routine monthly income and not touch the investments beyond that. I think I can do it if I lay off the buy button. But, you know what? If I don't, I have the back up resources and 1. I'm not saving it 'for the kids' and 2. I can't take it with me. So... spending it won't kill me.

And speaking of buy button. I'm getting ready to hit the trigger on the Come From Away soundtrack. Someone posted a video of the cast appearance on a recent late night talk show and it was so wonderful to hear again.

I called the pool. The bromine (used instead of chlorine) pump was plugged which is why it was green. (Not, as ye wise front desk person so snarkly accused, because people don't shower first.) All fixed now. Clean, not green. I'll go back there tomorrow.

My brother and I had a rare but wonderful phone chat this afternoon. He was sharing some good business news and I'm just so thrilled for him.

Ok. Air conditioner time. I'm goin' in.
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