Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

How do you spell relief?!

TL;DR Tooth fixed fast. WHEW

The downside is that her office, while not terribly far away is a bitch and a half to get to. It's over by the University of Washington and the traffic over there at any time of day is miserable.

The office is ok. Nothing special. I did figure out quickly why she had so many good reviews online. She pays $10 each for them! All over the office it says they will send you a $10 Starbucks card if you review them online.

My appointment was at 1. They called me back at 1:15. A nice enough assistant looked at the tooth and asked a bunch of questions and was ok. Not too annoying. Then I waited lots more. Then finally the dentist came in. She's very perky with nice (not perfect) teeth. And she really was just as nice as she could be. She explained there was a pin in there, put in when it was filled and the pin was sticking out. She was going to clip off the end of it and then, if needed they would pack around what was left with filling material. She explained what it would feel and sound like and then she did it. I'm guessing she was done in under a minute.

My tongue did a check and it was perfect. Nothing else needed at all! Whew. Done. No hurty.

She said the tooth will need a cap or a bridge and when I asked she, in no hurry, explained the benefits of both and what could happen if I did nothing.

I've never been to a dentist before that did not give me a hard sell on cleaning - like I'll only fix this if you let us clean your teeth right now. Neither she nor the assistant even mentioned cleaning or any other up sell. The assistant did sweetly ask me if my experience was non-terrifying enough to maybe come back. And, I allowed as how it sure was.


I really should go back and maybe one day I will. But the mega news is that now I have a place I can go to that doesn't smell of antiseptic and sound like a torture chamber. They offer a senior discount and a discount for paying with check or cash. Cap is $1,500 and bridge is $4500.

But now, the inside of my cheek isn't getting shredded.

And... I remembered to get gas!

Win win win
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