Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swimming in pea soup

The pool today was gross. The water was very nearly opaque and green. It looked toxic. I'm sure it wasn't but yuck. It was also crowded. But I got my 2,000 yards in and showered really thoroughly after so, hopefully, it won't have been fatal.

On the way into the locker room, I ran into the front desk lady and asked her if anyone had mentioned it. She said she was on her way to check right now. When she came back she said she was going to look into a fix and for sure the pool guy would be there tomorrow. (So, when I swim tomorrow at 5 am it will likely be even worse. GROSS) She said it was because people don't take a shower before they get in. WTF? Lady, I've been swimming in this very same pool every day for 3 years. It's been too cold. It's been too hot. It's never been green. So, all of a sudden after 3 years, people stop taking a pre-swim shower and it turns to pea soup in a day? I a bit skeptical.

But, the reality is that it's probably not any more toxic than when it looks clean and clear. Who knows that shit I swim in every day. It reminds me of the 60's when they came out with colored toilet paper - blue and pink and green and even, I think, yellow. It was all the rage. It was the era of colored bathroom tile and fixtures. The colored toilet paper was short lived, however, because the word on the street was that the dyes needed were toxic. The reality was, at the time anyway, the dyes needed to make the toilet paper white were way stronger and way more potentially harmful that the colored ones. But... logic. So pea soup is likely as safe as pretty. It just feels so ick.

Tonight is lights out night. The electricity is slated to end at 7 pm which means, probably, 7:30. It's expected to come on again at 3 which means, probably, midnight. PIA. I need to see what I have downloaded from Netflix and make sure it's a couple of hours worth of distraction. I do have a good audiobook started on my phone. It will be fine. It's just annoying.

The Mariners play this afternoon and then leave town and are off tomorrow. They lost so badly last night that the already sparse crowd started leaving after the 4th inning. They are playing a team that sucks as badly as they do so they will probably win today. I wonder what it would be like to root for a team that is good and playoff bound. For years, I was an Atlanta Braves fan - this was a decade before they every saw a playoff game. Then I spent a year or two as a Twins fan long before their glory days. Maybe the Mariners need me to pick a new team so they can go on to glory. Sorry, guys. You are stuck with me.

Just now, some random dude was walking down the street with a karaoke machine just singing to nobody in the sunshine. Seattle, I love you.

I going to head to the sewing machine and finish up the shirt I started yesterday.
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