Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maybe amazing ballgames??

Several times recently I've been asked 'if money were no object, what would your heart desire to buy first' and I've kind of surprised myself by really not having anything on that list. I have so much. I have no desire to travel. I don't need a car or a house. I can't build a pool in the backyard because, well, there's an apartment building there and I don't want to move.

BUT, after Tuesday night, I realized that if money were no object, I'd own Diamond Club tickets.

I spent some time last night wandering around the ticket portion of the Mariner website studying the situation. There are several levels of premium tickets but none compare to the seats available in the Diamond section. But, there are a couple of problems. The big one is that all seats are in pairs. It does not appear as if they even sell the tickets one by one. Only in groups with 2 being the minimum. And the price is pretty pricey. And they are sold out.

So I figured I'd look into next year. They had a form to fill out for more info so I filled it out. And a woman just called.

Long story short - they have one single ticket available for 15 games this season. $3,805. Do I want it? I asked her if I could think about it. I have until Monday. She sent me the games, and the seat specifics. It's in the last row of the Diamond Club so 8 rows behind home plate. And, it's in the middle of the row. BUT it IS in the best of the 4 Diamond Club sections.

I'm so tempted. So tempted. When you add in tax that's a little north of $250 per game. It includes massive food but still. It also includes parking which, of course, I would not need/use and could maybe sell for $25 per game.

I just got my cash built up a little and I will be buying new counter tops for the kitchen and a new hot water heater... but still.

I'm so tempted.
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