Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hair, tape, Velvita, pizza

I have a list of things to get/do today. I have a haircut at 10:30 and then I need a few grocery store things and some scotch tape. My haircut is over in West Seattle (where my pool is) Had I been smart, I would have just moved my swim back and done everything in one trip but I woke up at 4:30 and my arms and shoulders were all crunched up and not comfortable so I just went swimming. It was not an easy swim. My arms had a hard time but it got easier towards the end.

I'll go back over in a bit and get everything else done. And, since I'll be over there when they are open for a change, there will be Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner!

I decided to convert all my usual patterns to copy paper. It's easier to use/measure/store/organize than the Swedish tracing paper I have been using. I am running out of scotch tape but I only have one more I want to get done now and it's the swim suit pattern so the smallest of all of them. I'll get some more tape while I'm out.

Nothing else big going on. I do need to remember to make sure my backup batteries are all charged and ready for Sunday night's blackout. Our electric company is, once again, shutting us down for a 'planned outage'. It's hard not to be so annoyed at being treated like a third world country here in the middle of an upscale urban area in the United States. They just turn off the juice whenever they want and there isn't a thing in the world we can do about it.

Grumble Grumble.
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