Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So last night, I watched the Mariner game, as usual, only this time I spent all 8.5 innings (yes, the Mariners actually won!) focused on the group of seats we sat in Tuesday. I was looking to see if any of Tuesdays peops were back (nope) and who was sitting on our seats. I think I'll never be able to see that close up of right handed hitters the same way again. It dawned on me this morning that chances are good ljtourist might not be here during the summer again and even more likely, if he is, it will be on a much tighter schedule so I need to make sure I convince him to do the Diamond Club one more time this season... Although maybe going again would be tempting fate and it won't be as wonderful... nah.

This morning's swim was different. My routine is to get into the pool and kick off and start swimming. I aim for an hour and 5 or 10 minutes. I usually check the clock once or twice. But, if there are other swimmers I don't have to stop and check the clock at all. Most other swimmers go for 20 or 30 minutes - a few go for 45ish. There's a guy who swims on Sundays who goes for 50. I can keep an eye on their comings and goings without even stopping so they become my clock. But today, when I got there another guy I'd seen only once before was also starting. It was very clear he was going for more than 30 minutes so I just relaxed and told myself I'd check the clock when he got out. But he didn't get out. Finally, I stopped and looked at the clock and I'd been going 65 minutes. Ha. Joke's on me. He was still going when I left for the shower.

The new Android - the beta - has a nice number of cool little features and one nasty surprise. It's far more beta-y than the last one. I put Android Nugat on my phone and a tablet when it was first released as beta and never had an issue. But this one has some sneezes - it keeps trying to play one Google Music song and I've not even opened Google Music sine I upgraded. But it has a lot of little gifts. The settings are easier to get to and much more intuitively arranged. But the reason I might not keep the beta is Android Pay. Although the upgrade notes say that Android Pay will work, when you click on it, it says that it is incompatible with the developers edition of the operating system that I'm using. This is not good. I love beeping my phone for payment. So now I'm wrestling with keep or go back... So far it's a standoff.

Today is sewing. Tomorrow I have errands to run so today I'm not going anywhere - at least in the car. I may take a walk around the block. I do need to hit up the ATM but otherwise, I'll be here, in the house and likely at the sewing machine.
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