Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Baseball, the amazing way

The Diamond Club is a section of seats - about 20 rows - just behind home plate. They are connected to a lovely restaurant and bar under the stands. You even enter the stadium through a special door. Everything - all food and drink and service - is included in the price of your ticket. The seats themselves are really padded and comfy. You can order food and drink right from your seat during the game.

We got there two hours before the game and had a lovely dinner before we even went out to the field. The food is buffet style. It was good. Not fabulous but good. I think I enjoyed more of it than Frank did but even he, I think, was impressed with the variety available. In addition to an impressive buffet that included fried chicken and barbecue beef and pork and salads and potatoes. But then there was a whole other section of pizza, hot dogs, sausages and candy of all kinds and ice cream and chips and pop corn and a fridge of pop and water. All of it paid for. You just grab what you want. It was kind of amazing. And no lines.

Well, about the 5th inning, I got up to go pee and there was a line. I abandoned and went back in the 7th inning and no line at all. The bathroom, by the way, was lovely.
And hand hand lotion!

All of that was impressive and lovely but the piece d' resistance was our actual seat location. There are three sections of about 20 rows each. So you can pay an arm and a leg for these seats and still not be that close but the seats that Frank got were nearly on the field! 4 rows back. FOUR. You know those 15-20 people in the stands, that you see behind the batter? ONE OF THEM WAS ME! I just checked my TiVo of the game and I found me.

It was freakily close. Seeing the players I see every night in the flesh. I mean they were so close, that if everyone had shut up, we could have had a conversation. It was so amazing. So amazing. And, as most everyone we ran into warned, I am no totally ruined for any other seat in the stadium. I tried to feel sorry for those people far far away (like 30 rows behind us) who were sitting on hard wood seats, but I was too busy wallowing in the moment.

The game sucked but it did not matter one single bit. The evening was glorious. Just amazing in every way. And is locked in my special memories section of my brain.

This morning I'm listening/watching the Google I/O keynote. So far all the amazing new things for Google Photos have zero value to me and the one thing I want - the ability to easily and surely include the photos I have stored there in my livejournal entries - not even mentioned. Ok, Flickr, you're still on duty.

I did sign up for Android O beta.

It's still going on but so far, it's not costing me much at all. Whew.

I did get a bit of a $$ scare this morning. I got an email from Amazon saying that if they did not receive the $500 chromebook I returned by June, they would be retracting the $500 credit they sent me. I no longer had the tracking number anywhere, since I sent that sucker back in March. So I called Amazon and without ANY waiting, I got a really nice young woman who listened and fixed. And sent me an email confirmation. Whew.

I haven't even gotten to sewing today. I was going to but after swimming, I went in to make up the bed and fell into it for a nap. But, I'm awake now and it's time for lunch!
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