Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tuesday afternoon

Done. Success. Whew. Yeah. I now have a pattern for a raglan sleeved shirt that fits perfectly and for a set-in sleeved shirt that fits perfectly and a built-in sleeved shirt that fits perfect. I have several viable collar, neck options. I'm felling good about my made by me wardrobe!

My next step is to make a good copy of each paper pattern with notes. And then just sit back and make shirts. I have fabrics waiting patiently and t-shirt weather is on its way. This coming weekend threatens to start the warm up.

I'm thinking that by Memorial Day it will be Roll Out The Air Conditioner Day. I'd love an extra week or two of cool but I'm not hopeful. At least I'll have new shirts to wear.

No baseball tonight for me which is honestly fine. We won last night and sucked. We just didn't suck as much as Oakland sucked. ljtourist is talking about maybe snagging some Diamond Seat (PLUSH with free food and drink and seat service - best seats in the house - better than dugout because there aren't seeds and spit everywhere) tickets some time this week. It would be a great week for it because I need something to lift my baseball spirits.

[EDIT - We're doing the Diamond Ticket bonanza TONIGHT!!!]
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