Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another sewing day

My Live Journal friends are givething to me today.

howeird added a t-shirt photo to a comment. He says it's making the rounds but I'd never seen it before "Weeks of coding can save hours of planning". OMG so so so true in so many ways. I've seen it over and over in actual coding but - and this is why he sent it - it's the story of my sewing lately. The time, money and results of my latest sewing is the very definition of non-productive. Had I never seen a pattern before and sat down to create one from scratch to match the shirt I wanted, I'd have had 10 perfect ones made by now. I thought about that last night. I'm exaggerating, of course, but not that far off.

BUT, I have the luxury of time and it's not that much money and it's fun doing it the stupid hard way. Trial and error and error and error and inching towards almost success. That's my process of choice these days. Maybe I should make a shirt and embroider those words on it!

Years ago, before smart phones, I had a fairly long car commute and I bought Books on Tape. large box would come with 10-12 cassette tapes of the book. You listen to the book and then box them back up and send them back and order another. I was, at the time, an avid reader of contemporary paper books as well. In order to help keep order in my brain, I used Books on Tape to read classics. It was perfect. I discovered authors and stories I'd never even heard of before. I remember finding Kate Chopin and devouring her books.

These days I my book reading is nearly all audible. Picking up an actual book - either the paper kind or the Kindle kind - happens only over some meals. Sitting down and just reading like I used to puts me right to sleep. BUT this morning, nanila may well have fixed that. She told about an app called Serial Reader. Classic books sliced up and delivered - a slice a day. I can totally do a slice and the collection contains scads and scads of books I've never read. Very cool.

Not cool is the Twitter report that Zac Efron is set to play Ted Bundy in an upcoming biopick. Wrong. I've got nothing against Zac Efron but he is NO Ted Bundy. Not even close. No makeup is going to fix that.

But, right after that Tweet was one saying that Kid Valley is opening a restaurant next to Ivars this Summer. This is excellent news. If you leave my house and walk one block over to the water and then 2 or 3 blocks north (all of this is a nice, flat walk by the way), you come to Ivars which is a nice, local chain of fried fish restaurants. Kid Valley is a local chain of retro burger and shake restaurants of which I'm particularly fond. I'm looking forward to that.

I saw two fabrics yesterday that I did not buy but are now nagging at me so I will probably go back and buy them today. The shop has an old people discount on Tuesdays. And it's down the street from Grocery Outlet. I need some coleslaw makings. I made up some coleslaw last week - mayo/sour cream/ground mustard/celery salt/sugar and added apple chunks and it was delicious that now I need more.

I think I'll read my first book slice and then get started on my day.
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