Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For weeks and weeks, there was one woman who swam in the first lane and was there at 5 every Monday and Wednesday mornings. Also there is one young man who has eye contact and communications issues and a very unique swimming style in the third lane every Monday and Wednesday. I have not seen either of them for 3 weeks. I miss them. Today, for a short time - 20 mins give/take - were two other regulars but mostly it was me. Just me. I don't mind swimming alone but I do love swimming with 'regulars'.

Today will likely see more of my obsession with this new sewing pattern site. I'm going to scope out some fabric this morning. I'd like something cheap that I could wear if it works out but don't mind tossing if it doesn't. If I were smart, I'd head right to Walmart but 1. there's not one close and 2. I'd end up buying other stuff I don't need. So, likely, I'll just go to The Fabric Store I Hate which is about a mile from here and see if they have anything. They generally have a very limited selection of kits but sometimes I get lucky and, if nothing, I might just head on to Walmart.

Nothing big or really small going on this week. The only caution is Google I/O starts Wednesday. Traditionally, this means I buy more hardware that I don't need. There is really nothing I need and no big rumors of anything tempting but I know better than to predict that this time around I will be smart and not buy anything. I can only hope and try.
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