Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So delighted

I finished off that shirt from yesterday and I am beyond happy with it. It looks really nice and feels amazing. I was afraid of the bamboo knit. I was afraid of how it would feel on my skin and how it would breathe. No fear necessary. It's going to be fine even in heat. I was shooting for a casual shirt and ended up with a fancy!

I love the pattern. Watch for it next fall when I add the long sleeves in and make it out of fleece!

This collar is my favorite part. I love how it sits on my shoulders. I'm not ever sure I'm going to flip it around like it's supposed to go in the next versions. I might even make a peter pan version and round out those points. I am delighted with this pattern. I made zero size adjustments and it fits me exactly like I want a shirt like this to fit.

Now I am anxious to start one of the other patterns from this place. I think I'm going with the straight, plain t-shirt one to test fit, especially shoulder fit. The only fabric I have on hand is good stuff. So I think tomorrow, I'm going to go find some elcheapo that I can use for a test shirt.

The Mariners lost again today - we should get a freakin' thank you note from the Blue Jays. I'll bet this was their best weekend this season. Today's loss was a walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th. AKA a jagged cut.

Time for CBS Sunday morning.
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