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My new office was in White Plains, NY. Right downtown which was interesting. The Charlotte plant was out of walking distance (well, as the joke goes, depending on how much time you had) of any other place. And here, I had Alexander's department store next door plus all manner of other places to spend time and money.

My new manager told me that within the year we would be moving to new offices in Stamford, CT. Norwalk - next town over - seemed like a good enough place to live and, as it happened, the guy I was dating lived in Norwalk. I found a really cute little apartment. It was a condo this guy owned and rented out. It was oddly shaped which was part of the appeal and had a fireplace and a garage. It was a 3rd floor walk up which today seems impossible but at the time was a no brainer.

Norwalk was a fun place to live. My friend, Tim, who worked with me in Charlotte, was in Danbury, CT now and the drive up there was really lovely. There was a crazy grocery store - still there - called Stew Leonards - still there. And a store of whackiness - Mr. Amazing's - now gone. And Friendly's and diners. I loved the diners. All of them.

Every spare minute was spent exploring places. That first fall, the guy I was dating put together a fabulous road trip from Norwalk to Montreal, CA at the height of the leaf turning. It was just amazing and wonderful.

And it was a beautiful place in the snow.

I drove everywhere, to work in White Plains and then Stamford and all over and don't remember bad traffic. There must have been and it's odd that I can't even remember it. I did take the train into New York City. Not often but sometimes. It was just a vibrant place to live.

Somehow - way way way pre internet - I heard that Conair had invented these new hot hair rollers and they sounded amazing. I wanted them and none of the stores knew what I was talking about. Conair headquarters was in Samford - I passed it every day - so I called them. It was late in the afternoon and the receptionist had left for the day and some random dude answered the phone. I told him what I wanted and he was surprised and intrigued that I just called out of the blue. He worked in kitchen stuff but had a buddy who worked in personal care so he told me he'd go find his friend and call me back with info.

Even as I type this, I cannot believe that 1. I even thought of calling and 2. I got this great dude so very serendipitously. He did not call me back but his friend, did. They were not on the market yet but he had some samples they had used for testing. Did I want a tester? He'd leave it at the front desk for me, if I did. I picked them up the next day and there was a nice note telling me to enjoy the curlers and tell my friends when they hit the market in a couple of months.

Yep, it was a fun place to live. But, even as much fun as all that was, the actual job was even more funner.

To Be Continued
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