Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One down, one to go

The ping of metal tent rails as they drop onto the asphalt is all I'm hearing this morning as they tear down the music festival set up. When I left for the pool about 7:40, there were already about 30 people in line for the U2 concert that is scheduled for 6:30. When I came back, 2 hours later, the line had more than doubled. It is almost drippy, cloudy and cool. Not a particularly great day for standing outside on concrete all day. But, whatever. I am not a concert goer so I don't get it. Plus, I'm surprised they don't have tickets for specific seats. Why stand in line at all?

I read one review of the music festival in a publication I would expect to be a harsh critic and it was pretty much a good review. I wonder if it will be back next year?

Today is laundry - one load in the dryer now and the other load in the dryer. Baseball - game starts in 10 minutes. We have, so far been unable to beat Toronto who sucks worse than we do. I'm not sure of the game plan but it seems we're trying for most suckage. And winning!! I'm also going to finish the shirt I started yesterday. And probably print out and tape together a couple more patterns.

My swim this morning was different and great. I had the entire soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar loaded up and I cranked up the volume so I could hear it plainly over the splashes. Turns out that music has great swim rhythms. I did swim about 5 minutes longer than usual but way harder. I hit my fitness goal for the day before 10 am. I'm cool with that. It usually takes me until about 6 pm.

My brother's back to work on the chicken coop ( so I guess I'd better get to work, too!
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