Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The process or the product?

Mostly I knit and sew for the end result. For the bear, sweater, shirt, doll... But, sometimes I find myself more interested in the process. Today was one of those days. I'm working with a very fussy fabric. It's a bamboo knit that has a little lycra or spandex in it. What makes it drape beautifully, makes it a bitch and a half to work with but, I just decided to enjoy it instead of fight it.

I did lots of tests. Different stitches and different techniques.

I'm making this pattern BUT...

I'm not adding that extension onto the sleeve and I'm reversing the collar so that the pointy bits are in front. These downloadable made to order patterns have nearly zero instructions. So there are things to think about.

I did all of this while I was watching my brother's web cam that he pointed to the hen house he's building. I was in cool, comfortable Seattle, inside sitting down. He was in hot as hell Texas outside working with the bugs. It was fun to watch.

He made GREAT progress.

I also made what may be the worlds most delicious creamy coleslaw. It's getting better in the fridge as I type this. I think maybe quiche with coleslaw for dinner.

The baseball game was the worst. As I say every year... (except maybe last year) This Season Sucks.

Time to watch a little TV and knit a little bear.
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