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Before we move on to New York, I want to catch up on a few things that got left out along the way.

The first is a book. About the time I moved to Southern Pines, my girlfriends and I all found a newly published book called Our Bodies Our Selves. We did not read it, we devoured it. It was not a book to lend to your friends. Everyone had to have their own copy to read, re-read, research, check, and just have for comfort.

Looking back on it now, it's hard for even me to wrap my head around the importance of this book ... in so many ways. It explained so many valuable things that we never before even whispered about and it explained things we never even knew to ask. This was a time when you never ever talked about your period even to close girlfriends. Body parts and body functions were just not talked about and we didn't know much anyway. PLUS, when they were talked about, it was medically and everyone used the generic 'man' as the human example.

Here we had so much information AND the permission to talk about it all with each other and boy oh boy, I cannot tell you how those flood gates opened. And they never shut again. It was monumental. My first copy got so dog eared and taped up and just finally fell apart.

So I bought the Revised and Expanded version $4.95 and this one I cared for with kid gloves. I have donated most all my books over the years and have relatively few in the house today. But, I do still have my 1976 copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves.

In Charlotte, when I was looking for a new job after getting fired from the law office, I came upon this guy who was trying to establish a kind of What Color is Your Parachute guidance office. He wanted to sell me his services. I declined but part of his pitch was he had my close my eyes and imagine what my perfect job would feel like, look like, smell like, sound like. He had me describe the surroundings in detail.

I am not someone who does this kind of thing willingly. I'm just way too much of a skeptic but at the time I didn't have a good way to say no so I did it. I conjured up a scenario that felt good to me and described it all to him.

Not too many years later, I was in the middle of my work day when I was hit with two bolts. One was how much I was enjoying my job and my life and how cool it all was and the second bolt was how VERY much it was exactly like I pictured when that guy asked me to dream up my dream job. It freaked me out then and it still does today.

And, finally, a big part of my Charlotte non-work experience was the Charlotte O's. They were the AA farm team of the Baltimore Orioles and they played in a marvelous little wooden structure called Crockett Park.

(photo from

I had season tickets in that blue section just behind the batter's box and that netting for every Summer I was in Charlotte except the last one. I saw soon to be famous (Cal Ripkin) and never to be famous (Durungo LeRue Hazewood) play night after night. All of us in the section were season ticket holders and a tight family. It was such fun. Minor League baseball is really the best baseball there is. You can see the best and the worst and win a free bag of groceries all on the same lovely Summer evening.

To Be Continued
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