Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice learning fail

So my journey down the new pattern highway ( totally crashed and burned while being ever so helpful. I'm declaring victory.

Once I got the pieces all ready to cut, I took measurements and realized that the pattern was too small so I cut it out with about a half inch extra all around.

The fabric is this horrible double knit. The color isn't appealing but even worse is the feel of the fabric. It's just ugh. And I had plenty of it. My plan was to use some scraps I had for the trim. (The yellow.)

I got it all cut out and then went to assemble. The instructions are not only sparse, they are a little confusing. And, in fact, I made an error early on and did not realize until it was way too late to fix. Well, if I were using fabric I cared about, I would have removed all the stitching and started again. But, my main goal here was to test the pattern so fail #1. But, I could still stitch up the rest and still get a nice feel for what the finished product would look and feel like.

Still too small. But, in more of a Very Fitted way as opposed to a Can't Get Into It way. So I went back to the website and just added 1 inch to all my measurements. I like my clothes - especially tops - to have a lose drape. Having done that, I ordered 5 more patterns. $10 total. A heck of a deal. I decided to buy the do-it-yourself cut and tape versions as opposed to the send-it-to-the-printshop version. Might as well get good use out of my printer.

So yes, I wasted that horrible fabric (but not the yellow trim, it's not so bad and I can use it on another project). But I now know that these patterns will absolutely work for what I need and are about 1/10th the price of a regular pattern that wouldn't fit me anyway. Now with tweaks here and there, I can pretty much make anything I would ever need with the patterns I have on hand and in my inbox. Kewel!

I have my next project printing out now and the fabric for it waiting in the sewing room.

Oh great. The power just flashed and I swear I heard thunder but 1. this is Seattle and we've already had our thunderstorm of the year and 2. it's too cold for a thunderstorm. Hmmmmm
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