Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There feels like there is so much going on but in here, not really. Outside my living room widow there's a massive music festival but right now, it's taking a nap. I'm thinking it's going to crank up again about lunchtime or later. It was loud last night. If it was like that every night, it would get old really fast but the festival is over on Saturday night. U2 has a concert in the stadium on Sunday. By Monday all should be quiet for a while.

I did have zero issues getting to the pool and back this morning which was a concern I had when I first heard about the festival. And, probably it won't be a problem tomorrow or Sunday either. Before noon looks "easy in/out." After noon looks "don't even try it."

I do think maybe I'll wander up the street to the park later today to see how the rest of the 'hood is coping.

But first, I want to get to the new shirt. The pattern site ( is having a Mother's Day sale. So if I can get the shirt made to the point of knowing that the pattern works and fits, then I'll order up a bunch more.

So that's at the top of today's hit parade.

I'm hitting a new spate of Twitter DM's and emails warning me in ALL CAPS that I have a web cam that is available to the public. I've even had two recently, that when I say that yes, I know and that I set the web cam up that way, come back with "NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND - anyone with an internet connection can see you!!!" I'm not clear why these people think I'm stupid but it's very annoying. I should just ignore them all but I don't seem to be able to. I also don't understand why everyone is so concerned with my webcams and with being seen, in general. I get that most people think it's horrible and some think it's dangerous. I just don't see the harm. (Or the fascination of watching a random fat old lady sit in her living room.)

I finished the hybrid teddy bear last night - a mesh of the old pattern and the new one I found... I think I like it. It's tighter and sturdier. I brought back the grin. I think maybe I'll move the ears up a little on the next one's head and maybe even make the head a smidge bigger. But I think I'm getting close to good here.

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