Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My Wish is the Internet's Command

As I was falling asleep last night, I was wishing there was some kind of service where I could send in my measurements and get, in return, a sewing pattern that fits me without my having to do anything to it. This morning, I googled and Oh Yeah Baby! I found several places. I picked one. I measured and I printed out a pattern. I have some fabric that I don't love so if it doesn't work, it won't be expensive. If it does work, WOW. Cool.

And my new printer rocks. If this works out, and when I order more patterns, I will probably ship the file to the print shop near here. The simple pattern I printed out this morning was 42 pages, all of which have to be taped together. I think that part isn't going to be fun.

It has cooled off considerably since yesterday. It appears that the music festival is going to get cloudy, coolish and maybe a little wet weather. Maybe that will hold down the percentage of people being drunk and stupid - a little. The installed scaffolding along a section of our building nearest the main stage of the festival yesterday. The scaffolding is for the roof project that starts next week. I can't quite get how they intend to keep concert going kids off of it. Seems like it's asking for trouble to me. But, my unit is not one of the ones affected so I'll stay out of it and just wonder.

I have now killed off several hours just doing this and that. Time to get to the sewing room and get that sweater/top finished that I started yesterday.
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