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I got tired of waiting so I left before the house cleaner even got here. I found two nice knits at the fabric store and bought enough for one long sleeved t-shirt/sweater and one short sleeved one. I started on the long sleeved and it's going to be so nice. I got as far as the neck and tested out a finish that I don't like so tomorrow I'll do Plan B.

It's very warm out today but starting tomorrow we're back to long sleeve weather for a few more days so I'll enjoy having it still this season.

Then I went on to Safeway and got everything on my list. And, by the time I got home, the house cleaner was done. She brought me some kind of small casserole which looks pretty darned good so dinner's set.

I watched the game when I got home and it was a good one. I was glad I waited.

An LJ comment conversation I had last week, led me to purchase the first book - tree killing paper book - that I've bought in years. It's a book I read when it first came out in 2003. Eugenia Zuckerman gathered essays from famous and not famous women about their memories of their mother's closet. I'm not big on essays or compilations but this one grabbed me when I first read it and I'm delighted to have it again. PLUS the copy I bought was used and there is a wonderful inscription from a daughter to her mother on the title page. The daughter apparently read it when it first came out and immediately gifted her mother with it and a very sweet note. So cool. I can't wait to read it cover to cover again. I have such wonderful memories of my own mother's closet.

Sandy's new router came in from Amazon and I went up to redo yesterday's do. Only this time, with completely different results. We first tested the speed. Dismal - 15 up 3 down and that was standing next to the router. She did not know what kind of speed she was paying for so she called Comcast. 200. Ok. We unplugged the Amplifi system and plugged in the Eero. She bought the 3 pod set. We plugged in the first one and fired up the app. Time from app download til network set up was 5 minutes. We tested it. Over wifi we got 183 down and 87 up. She nearly peed her pants in excitement. Printer works, external backup drive works. The first one is in the office, we put one in the living room and one in the bedroom. All working fine with blazing speed. She is one happy camper. Whew.

Here are a couple of pieces of artwork from her house - my two favorites

I love this folding piece with the chairs embedded but also check out that classy looking doggie gate

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