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I am a big fan and a financial supporter (ha!) of Amazon. I interviewed with Jeff Bezos for a job there before their website went live. I have spent so much money at Amazon, I would not have the nerve to look up the total. Just yesterday, I spent $400 on their latest gizmo. No one I know has even seen it and I won't get mine until the end of June at the earliest. I love Amazon.

Today I love them more. Seattle has a large network of homeless shelters particularly for women and kids, called Mary's Place. I support them, too, by having Amazon deliver tampons and sanitary pads every month. Today, I learned that Amazon is giving to Mary's Place, a giant space - 6 floors in their new office tower in the center of downtown Seattle. Rent free with all utilities paid. Forever. I love this. It's like when your two best friends meet and find instant rapport.

The music festival starts tomorrow so today is my last day to go to and from my garage and really my house until Sunday. I need to go to Safeway and I think I'm going to combine it with a trip to a fabric shop in Fremont (a neighborhood north of here). The house cleaner comes today so today's a good day to do it anyway.

The only catch is that the Mariner's game is at 10. Do I put on blinders until I get home, hoping to avoid seeing the score and watch the recording of the game? OR do I listen to it, in spurts in the car? hmmmmmmmm

Yesterday's adventure with Sandy's mesh network was interesting. It was fairly simple to set up but it was not very meshy and I wasn't impressed. My Eero has 3 pods all of which are the same. The one you attach to the modem is the lead guy but the others deliver nearly as powerful a signal (and provide ethernet ports). The kind that Sandy got had one main unit and two antenna-ish units. The main unit was fine. But the antennas did not appear to even carry much of the signal at all. I know that mesh networks do take a few hours - maybe as much as 24 - to settle into their full power and I explained that. She agreed to let it be for 24 hours but also decided to order up Eero's just in case. And she did.

She's going to call me when the Eero's arrive today (thanks, again Amazon!) and we'll revisit. She's an all Apple house. I know nothing about Apple. But that turned out to be not a problem. They (she and Tija - Tija owns the gym across the street - she and Sandy have been together for about 23+ years now) have beautiful artwork in their home. Some truly amazing pieces. I need to take some pictures when I go back up there today. It was/is fun to do something for her - she's done so much for this building community.

I finished the most interesting book last night. American War by Omar El Akkad. Set in 2075, it's a fascinating look at a United States of the future - one at civil war. It really is a great story and it made my brain stretch to imagine it all.

Now I need to go figure out why last night's Windows update will now not let me use Chrome as a browser on my Lenovo laptop. I thought for sure I had turned off automatic updates but, apparently, I did not. GRRRRRRR
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