Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of Tuesday

I just went downstairs to walk around the block because too much sitting. Yesterday a contractor burst a pipe that flooded (?) or at least caused water damage in 3 units and maybe 4. This afternoon the president of the home owners association was sitting in the lobby with the owner of the unit and a guy who was apparently the perp and a couple of others. I got my mail slowly so I could eaves drop. The perp was dead meat. The HOA president is intimidating on a good day but she had his ass in a vice grip today. We are sooooo lucky that she's running the joint.

I walked through the lobby to go out the front door and she called me over, and asked me if I was going to be around this afternoon. "I want to call you, I need you help." Ohhhhh shit. That could mean that I've committed some grave error (she's the kind who would 'want my help to never ever ever do that again') or she wants me to do something very hard or tedious or uggy and I will not be able to say no. She's done so much for this building, I could not possibly refuse.

So now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. [Edit 10 mins later: She got a new mesh router and wants me to help her install it which means, probably install it since all the mesh networks I know about practically install themselves. Anyhoo, I'm fine with the request. At least it's something I can do.)

I did walk around the block. The music festival prep is in high gear. There's this giant (like 3 stories tall and a jeep wide) blow up thing on the corner that makes no sense.

(I finally figured out how to successfully embed instagram videos but this was an instagram story and that's not embedable as far as I can tell. Also linking to a video in Flickr seems to be an unsolvable mystery. Sigh.)

There is lots of action out there.

I'm grateful for all the bear face input. I think the next one is going to be knit from the head down with a face that is more sloped than the old version but not as much as the new version and a bigger nose and smile than the new version with the eyes of the old one. Could work or could fail. The nice thing about knitting, however, is that you can always rip it out and start again. No harm/no foul.

The Mariner game is at 4.

Oh and I sewed two things.

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