Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chick delight

My brother has been talking about getting chickens for a while. He and his wife even went to Chicken Academy one day last year to learn all about having chickens. This morning, he wrote in his journal about maybe getting chickens. By lunchtime he had 3. And by mid-afternoon, I had a CHICK CAM!!!

This delights me no end. I can't stop watching them. I was in another tab just now and couldn't hear them so I flipped over to see that they were asleep in the most adorable little chick pile.

The chiming clock isn't a thriller. It's not loud enough. Until I swapped out the battery it was chiming randomly. It's supposed to chime on the quarter hour and then chime the actual time at the top of the hour. I think now it's skipping some chimes or the chicks are too loud for it. I'm going to give it until tomorrow but I think it's headed back to Amazon. Poop.

The fire alarm went off about 90 minutes ago. I happened to be downstairs checking the mail. I scampered into the elevator fast before they turned it off and made it back up here. I heard fire engines. Finally just now I went down again and the firefighters were still here milling about with clipboards but I was able to get down and back up again. Turns out the contractor working on a unit at the end of this hall, broke a pipe and water rushed into the unit below and the one below it. Ugh. It's new people who haven't moved in yet. What a mess. So glad it's not me.

This is Upside Down Creature. No way to tell if she's standing on her feet or her hands.

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