Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just saw on Twitter, in photo and words, that my gym and the apartments above it has been evacuated. All manner of people out on the street and sidewalk with firetrucks. I left there more than an hour ago. But, how would that play out if I were in the pool swimming? Would I be out on the street dripping wet? Hmmmmm

Also this morning, when I drove into the parking garage there was a pile of glass pieces. Clearly someone's car window was shattered. By the time I was done, the glass had been cleaned up. That gym just gets dicier and dicier. The recent Yelp reviews are all about how filthy it is and mismanaged.

But, while I'm swimming, I don't care. I do hope it does not burn down.

My cat is not trained. She does what she wants when she wants. Any attempts to encourage her otherwise result in her speed dialing PETA. With one exception. I have a blue spray bottle full of water that I keep near my TV chair. All I have to do is pick it up and she stops whatever it is she's doing and runs into the other room. It's hilarious. If she's in another room and can't see me, I just squeeze the trigger. She hears the spray and sprints off to somewhere else. That blue spray bottle is a miracle worker.

About a decade ago, I created the pattern for the teddy bears I knit. The pattern starts with the legs, knits up the body, then the head. The arms and ears are added on at the end. Just a couple of weeks ago, I found a new pattern that was also knit in one piece but starting at the and knitting down to the feet. I wasn't crazy about the bear this second pattern produced but I did like some of the technique better than mine. So yesterday I tried my hand at making my bear from the head down and changing the face a little. It involved a lot of ripping out but I think I'm getting there. Interesting to have to think about a pattern I've knit hundreds and hundreds of times.

Today I want to finish that bear up and maybe do some sewing and I need to make a new batch of breakfast biscuits. My new chiming clock comes today. And no baseball. Monday...
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