Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday Sunday

The past two nights I have slept like a log. This morning I opened an eye and saw it was 6 and decided to get up. I was not out of bed when I realized it was really 5 so I went back to sleep like a log again for an hour. I'm usually a good sleeper but not even I am this good.

My swim was good and not crowded just the way I like it. Oh and the water temperature is back to fine. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Yesterday, I made extremely delicious fluffy scrambled eggs. Today I recreated them. Butter in the pan, low heat, a dollop of whipping cream (no sugar) and eggs. Really, stupidly delicious.

Next weekend this entire neighborhood will be taken over by a giant music festival. My condo is right at the top of the raindrop marked 10. I saw where they moved in some big equipment last night.. I suspect the setup will be in full force tomorrow. The whole thing is really wasted on me. I don't expect to hear much of anything but the roar of competing stages in the stadium parking lot and the screams of drunks. I just hope that it will stay cool enough to keep my doors closed. The 10 day forecast says it will. And the building management says we will have constant access to our garage but I suspect trying to take a car out or bring it back after about noon will be just stupid. Happily it will be over by Sunday. And it will at least be lively to watch!

Today, I've got the usual on the agenda. Maybe some sewing. Absolutely some baseball and some knitting. I need to recharge and probably reswizzle my swimming iPod, but that's about it for major plans.

I'm at the end of my coffee so time to get one with it!
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