Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You have big plans for the weekend?

I usually am not fond of this question. I get it a lot at the gym like this morning. I told her I was trying to decide whether to hang around 45 mins and wait for Papa Murphy's to open before I headed home to Pioneer Square. "Oh, you aren't worried about the Sounder traffic?" ???

The Sounders (who play in the stadium across the street) had moved their game time up to a fairly unusual noon start ... without telling me! I thanked her profusely and tossed 'next time' out to Papa Murphy's and headed on home. Indeed, the crowds were already gathering. The sun is out and the Sounder fans are grabbing it. I was really glad I didn't linger. I can get pizza another day.

I made the most delicious scrambled eggs and had them with a half an avocado. So I'm good. My tracker says I've reached my goal for the day. My USPS email says there's only junk going to be in my mailbox so no need to go check that. All is under control.

The Mariners played extra innings last night and passed up more than several chances to win it. It was so frustrating that I finally turned off the sound and listened to my book where the protagonist got thrown in the terrorists jail and was basically rotting. I turned off the book and I turned off the TV and I went to sleep and slept an hour and a half longer than usual. The Mariners lost and I'll watch again tonight. My protagonist is more than likely still in deep shit, hopefully, I can rescue her tonight. So much to do.

I like hearing clock chimes every 15 minutes. Bonus for hourly chimes as well. For years and years, I've had software that does that on my PC. It has not been upgraded in a decade and it does not like Windows 10. At all, not one bit. It will run for an hour or two or maybe a day and then fail with either really distorted horrible sounds or just stop and I get nothing. I found another app that did ok but it also goes silent randomly. It's also really old. And... I can find nothing else. Nothing. I've looked and looked and looked. The days of millions of small, clever, programs for Windows are, apparently over.

There are a few android apps but none are great. There was a fairly decent one but it's been taken down. Plus, I'd need to keep an android device plugged into a speaker and basically devoted to the project.

So, this morning, I went to Amazon and bought a clock with chimes. It's a free return so if it's not perfect, back it goes. It's not a style I like but less offensive than others I could find and I don't need a clock - just the chimes but we'll see. Monday.

Zoey is getting into trouble it sounds like in the bathroom. Lately she's on a knocking shit off the counter quota. At least I've learned to make sure 1. to use only plastic glasses and 2. if I'm going to leave one on a counter, make sure it's empty.
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