Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I wrote an entry for the Continued series about the summer between my high school graduation and going away to college. I know I wrote it. But it is nowhere to be found. So odd. I did write some of the entries in other places and then copied/pasted/edited into Live Journal but I sure didn't think I'd lost a whole one. But, I did.

And the reason I know is it that colesdragon and billinaction on on a little vacation and he posted a picture from a 'book shop in an old mill' in Instagram.

So my missing entry was all about two girls that I spent the summer with that summer. One was named Carol Hall - very ungoogly. But one was named Susan Shilliday. Her parents were friends of my parents so she did not get lost. She also married a Hollywood director/producer type who got kind of semi famous - Marshall Herskovitz. Mom actually saw her once in the Emmy Awards audience when her husband thanked her and the camera panned her way. She, herself, did a fair amount of writing and other Hollywood-ish work and then divorced Marshall and faded away.

Until I wrote that missing entry, I had not looked her up in awhile and it took some clicking but find her, I did. She bought a delicious looking bookstore in Massachusetts some time ago in an old mill. And has been there ever since.

When I saw colesdragon's picture I asked if it, by chance, was Montague Bookmill and he confirmed that was exactly it!!

And then I went to make an entry linking their finding with the memory entry I had made and bam... and the mystery ensued.

Susan and Carol both moved to Winston-Salem, that spring I graduated from high school. We spent the summer together 24/7. They taught me to break rules and try all manner of new things. They were the best. Then the summer was over and I went away to college and they went their separate ways. It was just 3 months of magic. But I remember it so fondly. I wonder where/how Carol is. Maybe colesdragon and billinaction will find her next!
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