Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dear Electric Company, Bite Me

The mail brought notice of Yet Another Fucking Planned Electrical Outage. These people are really working my last nerve. At least this one is at night - a Sunday night - staring at 8. Could be way worse but still. Why oh why do you all of a sudden have to keep turning my power off??? GRRRRRRRR

I did all the laundry this morning. Two loads washed, dried, folded and put away. Nice.

And Costco. where I remembered to get gas and walked out of the store with ONLY the one thing I went in for. Honestly, I thought there should be some kind of awards ceremony as I left the store. But, nothing. Maybe it's because I stopped and had a hot dog on the way out and the people handing out the awards got tired and went back in to shop. That's what I'm thinking.

Also I stopped and got Diet Dr. Pepper on the way home at Cash and Carry which also has outstanding frozen chicken thighs but are usually out of them. Not today!! They are just like I like them (skin on) and huge. I think their chickens are the biggest on the planet. If I buy those little punk thighs at the grocery store, I bring them home and wrap them up and freeze them. These are flash frozen and so way better actually. I've got one thawing for dinner right now.

Plus I made a new creature. This guy looks worried but I'm not sure what about.

And this one looks like The Happy Soccer Tooth.

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