Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While I was swimming this morning, I remembered a picture and frame of my mom, Monkey. I dug it out and snapped a picture of it. This was a few months before she died. She loved the picture. Not long after she died, I found this frame in a dollar store. So perfect.

So yesterday, I killed many hours trying to figure out why the audio was so crappy when I shot videos with my phone. I researched, I tested, I looked everywhere for an answer. I posted the question in a couple of places - including Reddit. I was all set to spend today on the phone/chat with Google Support. I'd even looked up best practices for getting the best help. That was going to be my big calendar item for today.

But then... on Reddit, a guy explained in a reply, why I could get a clear voice only recording but not with a video - two different microphones. Then, in a second paragraph, he added some questions - about maybe something physical in the way of the microphone the video uses? I have a skin on the back of my phone (a picture of some of my dolls) and a clear case over that. I took the case off and talked into the top of the phone and it was better. I pulled the skin away and tested and it was PERFECT!! I looked at the skin - 2 holes, unobstructed. I looked at the phone - 3 holes! Ha! I'd to poke the 3rd hole out of the skin! I poked, I put the skin back on, the case back on and tested. Totally, 100% fixed. Holy crap. Whodda thunk it? And, I'll betcha, if I had spent the day on the phone with Google support, they would have declared it a hardware error and sent me a replacement. I'd have put the skin on the replacement and still had the issue.

On Reddit, you can click a button on the reply and for $4, give the person 'gold' Reddit privileges for a month. I sure did.

My bill from my March visit to the doctor finally hit my insurance. Now I'm waiting for the clinic to generate an invoice so I can pay them. I think it would be better if I were not so anal about this stuff.

I signed up, this morning, for USPS Informed Delivery. When they first announced it a long while back, I filled out a 'tell me when it's available for me' form and I got the email this morning so I clicked all the set up stuff and now I wait for mail. I rarely get any so I'm not holding my breath. I am expecting an Amazon gift card which will be nice not to miss. Otherwise, I figure this will be a great way to know whether it's worth my energy to go down and check the mail.

Now I think I'll go make a doll.
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