Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The car is done. $1,558. And I'm so pissed at myself. I have a $100 off coupon which I tried to use last week and couldn't because it was for a $200 or more charge and my charge was $186. And then today I totally forgot. I had a receipt in my email from the dealership when I got home so I replied to it and asked and just got a note that they were checking into it to see what they could do. All I can ask.

[EDIT 30 minutes later. I just got an email from the dealership - a receipt for $110 credit on my credit card.

It's going to be hard for me to stay pissed at them at this rate.]

And, once again, they cleaned the thing cleaner than when new. The guy in charge said to bring it back next year. It's at the age when an annual checkup is advised. Me and the car. Same month every year. I like the synergy of that.

Yesterday's folly was trying to get a video uploaded to Instagram. Got that fixed. Now there's a problem with the audio. It sucks. It does not suck when I do it from my Nexus 7 tablet. But it sure does from the phone. I've scoured the internet looking for an answer. Finally I left queries on Reddit and Google Forums. Usually both provide fast answers. So far, crickets.

I have left over fried chicken and left over fried okra for dinner. I am totally set. There's a Mariner game tonight but it's a Tuesday home game so I'm pretty sure the broadcast will be ruined by the former player who sits in on Tuesday home games. It's ok. I could use another night off from losing baseball. I've got TiVo stuff to watch.

I only got one doll made but I like her.

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