Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tuesday with a Monday look

The pool, this morning, looked like your basic Monday when everyone decides "I'm going to swim every day this week - first thing." Their resolve folds by Tuesday. But, yesterday's May Day-ism put Monday on the back burner and made today a very busy pool morning. On the up side, the water temperature was perfect after about 5 days of too warm.

My car appointment was at 7 so I swam until 6:30 and got to the Mercedes place at 7 on the dot. All went very smoothly. He outlined the stuff he had on tap and agreed to have me some kind of transportation tomorrow morning at 5 so I could get to the gym. He's sure it will be my own fixed car. The tab is going to be about $1,500. Which is a bite BUT not so bad when you consider that in the past four years, I have only bought gas for that car and spent $0 on any other kind of fix or maintenance.

The shuttle drive brought me home without any annoying chit chat. All is good.

From time to time someone with a Cyrillic Live Journal adds me to their friends list. It's fine by me. I usually look at their journal and then move on. But, a while back, the someone had some interesting photos so I added them back. They don't post much and while I can run the words through a translator, I usually don't. This morning and entry popped up and I did not translate it, but I LOVE the photograph. It's public and worth a peek.

The new kitchen counters project is still in stall mode. pinmedown told me about a website/service I'd never hear of - It was easy peasy to fill out a request. I specifically asked for help purchasing and installing a laminate kitchen counter. I only got one estimate - from one of the places I tried yesterday! - and it was for $50 a square foot granite or quartz. Sigh. I sent an email today to another place. And the hunt goes on.

It's ok because I also have to replace my hot water heater in a few months. I use very little hot water since I never shower here, don't run the dishwasher and wash my clothes in cold water, but the condo requires replacement every 10 years (which I wholeheartedly support). My rainy day fund is going to need a new umbrella. I hope Trump lays off the tax reform that would remove a deduction for home improvement next year... I'm going to really cash in on that sucker.

OMG, I just saw on Twitter that Come From Away got a Tony nomination for best musical. I saw it in Seattle before it went to Broadway. It was absolutely amazing in every way. It deserves a Tony and I'm so delighted to see it get a shot.

Ok, time to get crackin'. I have a couple of dolls cut out and waiting to be made live.
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