Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail o rama

I decided this morning to go out and see about kitchen counter tops. There are 5 kitchen and bath places within a mile of here. At the first one, there was a guy at the front desk who was busy pulling voice mail messages. I wandered around for a full 5 minutes and no one - not a single soul said boo. When I left, the guy was still pulling voice mail messages but he was listening to each a couple of times.

Store #2, one guy in the store and he was on the phone. Wandered. Alone. Saw the whole store. He's still on the phone. Left.

Store #3, bustling! Everyone way too busy to even acknowledge me. Then I saw a sign that said to sign in and someone would be with me in 5-15 minutes. Er, nope.

Store #4, a repeat of store #2.

Store #5, A really lovely large store and I was immediately given a really cheery "Good Morning!! How can I help you?!" only then to be told they only did fixtures and lighting - no floors/walls or countertops.

Fun times. So then I come home and decide that maybe my email to Amy last week got lost in her spam and I do have another email address for her I should try. Except, I could not find the note I sent to her anywhere. Seriously. I searched 8 ways to Sunday and looked all over my Gmail. Nada. I know I wrote it. I remember what I said exactly. And when. But, apparently, I did not send it. Very strange. This is the kind of thing other people do. Not me. I re-wrote and re-sent and then, 5 hours later, sent to the second email address.

I also located a counter top guy who does not have a store but does have a good ratings. He's my next move.

When Facebook first came out, I checked it out and realized the pitfalls and that my life did not need a constant barrage of memes and idiotic opinions. Also you either had to read that crap or 'unfriend' or 'unfollow' people and Facebook makes that such an in your face experience that you have to then explain to them why you don't want to read their shit. No thank you. To any of it. So I backed out never to return.

For the longest time, I ignored Instagram because it's really Facebook. Except several people I really want to keep up with are active Instagramians (Instagramarians?) and it's not nearly as in your face. And it's pretty simple. But you can't do all of it on their web interface. Like you can't see the 'stories'. So I downloaded the app. So as long as I have the app, why not use it now and again. What would it hurt?

And that's why, I killed a solid hour today trying to get a fucking video to load into Instagram. Video Can't Be Posted. I Googled and got the usual - reinstall, reboot, get faster wifi, shorter video... Nothing worked. Then I went to Reddit. Ah ha! There's a problem at Instagram. That sent me to Twitter.

It appears that 1. they know it and 2. a few others have stumbled on the problem and the tweet.

Last week, the management of the apartment building across the street posted a photo of one of their apartments. I could tell from the photo exactly which apartment it was - it's right outside my terrace! The photo was originally posted on Instagram by the woman who lives there. I took a picture of her apartment from my terrace and posted it on Instagram tagging her. She 'waved' from Instagram. Turns out they are out of town so I have been following their trip. Kinda fun.

And what I hope is my last fail of the day is not really a fail but not a success either. I'm still trying to get a decent cat pattern. I'm getting there, I think but neither of these two are it.

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