Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Neither of the two people who always swim on Mondays were there this morning. Weird. Plus, three other regulars who never swim on Mondays where there. It's backwards upside down day!

May 1st has become, in Seattle, a day to gather downtown and cause havoc. Bashed in windows, gun play, mayhem. It's gotten a bit better in the past few years but this year we have this idiot on the city council who has been inciting persons of her ilk to go downtown and riot protest The Man. Also, this year, the Seattle police and transportation departments seem like they have noticed the date and have a plan so maybe it won't be so bad. Also it's drizzly and supposed to be cloudy and low 50's all day, maybe that will help, too.

I did end up going out to dinner yesterday evening and it was delicious. Afterward I wanted ice cream. I thought there was an ice cream shop near there but I couldn't find it so I dipped into Walgreens. They had boxes of four Drumsticks on sale - 2 boxes for $4.49 and I do love Drumsticks. At the cash register, the guy asked me if I wanted to use my bonus. And I said sure. So I ended up paying $1.49 for 8 Drumsticks. Those are calories that god meant me to have. For sure.

The bonus bucks are because my Misfit tracker band is linked to the Walgreens pharmacy website. I rarely shop at Walgreens any more so when I do, I usually have unused bonus bucks collected. Humana (my insurance) also has a 'well' program that my Misfit band and my bathroom scales are connected to. That accumulates faster and pays off better. About every 3 months I get a $25.00 Amazon gift card. Not too shabby.

Nothing special planned for today. Definitely not going anywhere. Probably there will be sewing.
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