Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday fail... Mariners and me

My shirt project was a fail. But, at least I learned something from the experiment and I didn't really like the fabric anyway.

The Mariners game had no bright side. Well, it was only 9 innings so maybe that counts as a bright side. This time Cleveland gummed them to a 12-4 pulp.


I did polish up the document housing my memories entries and made it public. It's in chronological order. I also added a link to it in my LJ profile. I figure I have about a dozen entries to go. That could be really off because there have been more than a couple that I start writing thinking I'm going to cover one thing and then get distracted by something else entirely. So really no telling. It's such fun to talk about me!

Next up is CBS Sunday morning. I think I'm probably going to go to Fats Chicken and Waffles for dinner tonight. I feel like my near future need catfish and fried okra.
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