Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swimmin' to the 60's

Yesterday, on my way to look for a video on a sewing machine foot, I fell over one of an hour of 60's music. And then one of 2 hours of 70's music. Perfect for swimming. So I converted them both to mp3's and put them on the little Shuffle. The ethicacy of this is squishy. I do pay for YouTube red but still... So I felt guilty while I swam along so enjoying the massively misogynistic music of my youth. (I will say that singing along is a huge challenge while swimming.) I finished the 60's and started the 70's. Disco while swimming actually works.

The pool was still too warm but not as bad as yesterday and the guy who was doing some chemical testing allowed as how they knew about the problem and were working on it. That's all I ask. Well, not all but close enough.

My shirt pattern has arm holes that are too big sometimes. They are fine for some shirts but for others, I want a little closer fit. This morning I grabbed a knit top out of the closet - it is one I got at Goodwill ages ago. I love it because it fits me perfectly. And, it has smaller arm holes. So in between 60's songs, I planned out how to use the Goodwill top to create a smaller armhole top pattern. I'm going to try it out today on some fabric in my stash that isn't my favorite but doesn't entirely suck. So if it doesn't work, I won't be wasting good stuff.

My car is so clean it's wild. About two years ago, I paid $100 to have it detailed. The dealership did just as good a job as that detailer. Wonder if they will clean it again when it goes in for a fix on Tuesday.

The baseball game is in Cleveland so 1. it starts at 10 and 2. it might get rained out. I think stadium lids should be required.

I am reading the most interesting novel - The American War by Omar El Akkad. It's stretching my brain.

Ok, no rain. Baseball starting.
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