Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got to the pool today at 7:55. A guy who is fairly notorious for being a jerk was on duty. There were probably 12 people outside waiting for him to open up. I stood with them until one of the women said to me that the door was unlocked and she had gone in but no one was there. I allowed as how they often forget to lock one of the doors and there was a guy in there now. So I just opened the door and went in and everyone went in behind me.

As I was saying "Good Morning!" to him, Mr. Jerk was saying "Don't..." and then realizing he couldn't fight a crowd, said "ok". He looked at me and said "Don't ever do that again." And good fucking morning to you, too. FYI when the door is unlocked, I will enter. I just get more pleasure out of it, if it pisses you off.

But, then, the pool was really warm. Hot in some spots. Not at all fun. The whole time I was swimming I was trying to decide if I was going to complain or not. NFW was I going to engage with Mr. Jerk but if there was someone else around, maybe. The gym had a big crowd but not the pool. Only one other swimmer the whole time I was there. So I figured it was up to me. Happily, Mr. Jerk was on a break and Zach, who knows me, was there so I told him about the warm.

After my swim, I went to the dollar store. It is not convenient to get to which is good for my dollars. Cause I managed to spend $30 in the friggin' dollar store! Geesh. But, I did see that the rumored Popeye's is, indeed, going up kitty cornered from the dollar store! It's already Popeye's orange. I'm thinking June - ish. I'll be able to get crispy dark meet with my dollar store junk. Heaven.

My right arm is still giving me trouble. It's such a weird thing. Sometimes the elbow hurts but most always it's just a dull ache between the elbow and shoulder. And sometimes it aches too much to do anything like type, knit, sew... Today it's just mildly achy. I moved the laptop to take pressure off of it but still. I think I'll stop typing now and rest it.
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