Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

End of the car story - nope

So I know they close at 6 pm. The guy did not even call me until 5:40. He said that they now knew what the problem was and we needed to set up an appointment next week to fix it. ??? I thought we were doing that today... In fact, didn't - at our last call - you say you wanted to fix it tonight?

WHATEVER. At 5:30, I had decided to chill. Whatever whatever. I'd get a Car2Go for swimming. Life's too short. So I wasn't all fractious.

When he called at 5:40, he said that my car was ready to be picked up. I said I needed someone to come get me. He was not happy about that but sent a really cute service guy in a very very snazzy brand new Mercedes. The guy got overtime. I got a sweet ride. Cudda been worse.

I paid $186 for the diagnosis. The fix will be $800. He said it was safe to drive and if the function completely failed it was still safe. So why in the heck am I paying a grand to fix something that is not critical?? I didn't ask. I was afraid my chill would break. I also told him it is likely some other maintenance is needed as well since it's been so long. Like maybe the Needs Maintenance light is broken.

So on Tuesday, I'll take it back at 7 am which I can maneuver to be on the way home from my swim. And he promises to fix the broken and do all the maintenance in one day. It's going to be pricey but it needs to be done. I'm keeping this car forever.

They say, the most vibrant color of your entire experience is the last one used.

My car was not only washed. It was washed totally, including the wheels and the inside was vacuumed perfectly AND dusted!! I think the car was smiling. I know I was.
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