Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting... waiting... tap, tap, tap

"The diagnosis should take an hour. I'll call you when we know the details and we can work out what to do from there." That was at 10 this morning.

By 2:30, I hadn't heard a peep. I sent a text asking for an update and letting him know I needed a car this weekend.

By 3:15, no answer at all so I called and got voice mail. I left the same information.

At 3:45, he called "I got your text and your voicemail." GRRRRRR Had you responded to the text, you could have saved yourself a voicemail and a call... jes sayin'.

He repeated what he told me at 10 this morning. He did make noises that he thought he could fix it today but if not, he heard my concerns about having a car and would 'see about a loaner'.

At a minimum, I do not want to donate my Saturday and Sunday morning swims. I could likely find a car to go but am not delighted to tack another $75 probably only what will already be, I'm sure, a hefty bill.

So... now it's 4:15. Still waiting.

I did watch a strange but interesting little movie - Anesthesia - that has been on my TiVo for a while. It's one of those that is a little less interesting while you are watching it than the thinking you do about it after.

And I made a tiny cat out of a cat print fabric. I'm not happy with it, particularly, but I know what I need to fix and I did make a pattern so I can fix what needs to be fixed.

And I finished a bear.

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