Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dealership Rant

I bought my Smart Car from a Smart Car dealership. Then Mercedes bought Smart Car and my dealership got sucked up. But, the Mercedes dealership was wonderful. They were sharp and classy and fun and interesting and a great place to hang out while your car was getting fixed. Then the owner sold the dealership.

And, apparently, put me on their special Customers We Spit On List.

There is no other place in town that works on Smart Cars. There are a couple of Mercedes dealerships in nearby towns and I have seriously considered going out of my way just to avoid the local shop (which is about 1.5 miles from my house so hateful but convenient).

Every time there is a problem, issue, snub, something fucked.

Today I roll in and a very nice woman greets me and I tell her I have an appointment at 10 and she can't find it. I sit and wait and finally, after about 5 minutes she comes back to tell me that my appointment was yesterday. I did not call until 11 am yesterday so that would make a 10 am yesterday appointment a little silly, now wouldn't it?

Every fucking time.

On the up side, the Smart Car service manager is nice and reasonable-ish. He listened to me explain the issue and said it sounded like an exhaust feature that generally kicks in when the car is cold for fuel efficiency. Getting a diagnosis will cost me $165. No telling how much a fix will be. But I was comforted that he at least appeared to recognize the issue. He'll call me with the details once they diagnose.

And then, when I got home, I got a text from him with his direct phone number which was a nice touch. I assume calling the number will get the dealership or service desk but it is nice to have what appears to be a text option.

The only saving grace is that really the car has been fairly maintenance free. I do hope this is not a signal of the end of that.
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