Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The car noise was 10 seconds shorter this morning and not as loud. Maybe it will heal itself. It may need to if they can't find the problem. My confidence in these people is pretty low but they are the only game in town so I deal. I bitch and I deal.

I got no response to my kitchen counter top email I sent to Amy. Oh well. It might have ended up in her spam and I could send it to her directly or call but I'm not sure I want to deal with communications issues out of the gate on top of kitchen counter issues. Plus, I'd still have to go somewhere else to buy the counter. I think I'll just go to a counter place. There are several down the street here and they all have a pretty good average in the review game. Once I get the car sorted, I'll go counter shopping.

I'm still waiting on the bill from the lung doctor visit in March and the electrician earlier in the week. I hate having to wait to pay - especially having to wait to even get a solid figure of what is owed.

No big plans for today other than get the car fixed. The baseball game is in Cleveland at 4 pm and it does not look like it will be rained out which is lovely.
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