Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Moving right along

I went down to the car about 10:15 in hopes that it would be cold enough to replicate the same start I got this morning. It was and I did not imaginate (a word my brother created when he was little) the noise. It's absolutely there for 55 seconds total. I captured it with my phone but will get a much better recording of it tomorrow morning when there will be no outside noise.

So I came back up here and called the dealer's service. I actually got a guy who was very patient and helpful. And he set me up for tomorrow morning at 10. They will shuttle me home after I drop the car off. So whew. And, they sent me a $100 off coupon not long ago which, I not only saved but remembered. It's not in my purse and hopefully they will honor it. Also hopefully they will find the problem and fix it tomorrow as opposed to keeping my car for a weekend.

The Mariner game started an hour late (rain) but so far hasn't been horrible. There's still time, of course. We're only in the 6th inning but it's Mariner's 1, Detroit 0. Ok game is tied now. I'm hoping their bull pen sucks.

I canceled my Universal Yums and started Snack Crate. The first Snack Crate arrived today and it's USA. So far, not bad. I'm going to give it another month. If same or worse, I'll probably cancel. I really don't need random calories from around the world.

I have not heard from Amy about the kitchen counter. But, I have researched other options in case she doesn't come through.

I made two more creatures. I'm enjoying trying different things.

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