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Enough with working for The Man. It was time to try my hand at my own business. And get the fuck out of Podunk aka Greenwood. I decided to cash in on my sewing/knitting/needlework skills. I would make clothes for people, fix their clothes and finish their needlework. I had some friends in a little town in eastern-ish North Carolina called Southern Pines. It seemed to be the perfect spot for my plans.

It was full of retired, rich golfers with a rich, after links, social life and money. It was small but big enough to have a weekly paper. And the advertising rates in that paper were cheap. So I packed up my toothbrush and sewing machine and hit the road.

I rented a little furnished apartment in the middle of town, placed an ad and opened up shop. Business was pretty good. I got to do a lot of different things that I enjoyed doing and I was getting paid for it. Pretty sweet. I wasn't making a boat load but enough to feed me and give me enough time to make and enjoy friends.

One of my customers was a woman in real estate whose husband was a mortgage banker. They found and convinced me to buy an adorable house. A couple had retired there in their 60's and had just recently died in their 90's. Their kids didn't want the house or anything in it. It was on an acre of land and probably 1,400 or so square feet. They wanted 25,000 for it furnished or $23 for it unfurnished. My friend said to offer $23,000 and ask for all the furnishings. I did and I got it!

Since I didn't have a real job with a steady paycheck, the bank required that my Dad cosign. I agree only on the condition that after I made 12 payments on time, I could remove his name from the contract. And, more importantly, Daddy agreed to cosign.

I paid $500 down. For some reason, out of all the stuff I've tossed over the years, I still have my mortgage book from that house. Here's a snap of the first page.

Every month, you took your mortgage book in and paid your mortgage and they stamped your book with the receipt. OR you could mail your book in and they would stamp it and mail it back to you for next month.

The house had everything. It was fully furnished including linens, silverware, dishes and ferns. It was really a marvelous house. And the yard. OMG. I bought it in winter. That spring, as the weather got warmer, the yard came alive. Every day, I go outside and find something else sprouting or blooming in the yard. It was amazing. I think that retired couple spent 30 years doing yard work.

The house had 2 bedrooms - one for me and one for sewing. It also had a basement and a garage and a wonderful front porch. bill_schubert even came to visit once and painted my bathroom and I think a couple of other rooms while he was there.

The house was great for my business and I added macrame classes to my repertoire. It was really a lovely lovely time with lots of good memories.

On my way to find something else, I found this picture of me from that time. The black and whiteness is a blessing since I clearly remember that vest being orange and the blouse being green with orange and white flowers. Someone gave me the fabric and I made what I thought at the time, was a very sharp outfit. I'm fairly sure now that it was now.

To Be Continued
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