Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


1. The electrician - $200-$300
2. The countertop - $200 - $3,000
3. The car? - $$$

The painting's done and, it looks very nice. When I went to get touch up paint yesterday, the paint store lady asked me a bunch of questions I couldn't answer - which of their brands it was, was it eggshell or 3 other things, etc. PLUS. the wall itself was originally painted more than a dozen years ago. Would new paint blend in seamlessly? The answer to all is yes. I even dabbed at a couple of dings elsewhere on the wall and today you can't even tell what is new and what is old. Purple walls for the win. AND an additional outlet. Nice.

There's woman here in town - Amy - who has a handyman (woman) business. I've used her business before for small things. She shut it down last year but then, at the end of the year, revived it. Her website mentions kitchen remodels at the top of the list so last night I sent her an email with photo and asked her to come look at fixing and/or replacing. I also spent a fair amount of time learning how to measure/price countertop replacement. I'm armed and dangerous.

Then this morning, I turned on the car and heard the weirdest car sound ever. It sounded like turbine wind engines roaring. It lasted nearly a minute. And then went away entirely. It was freaky. Not a peep from the dashboard about any problem. I have one of those gizmos plugged in that reads car data - no issues recorded there. When I got to the gym, I turned it off and turned it back on. No noise. After my swim, I started the recorder app on my phone and turned on the car. No noise. Not a peep all the way home hmmmm - was it something else? Maybe something from the apartment building across the street? My imagination?

I parked it at 6:30. I'm going to go down about 10ish or so with my recording app and start it up. I'd go ahead and take the car in or at least make an appointment but I hate those people so much. And I'd really like to not have to spend the cash if it's not necessary. But it is Thursday and I don't want to be car-less over the weekend. This is the debate I had with myself while I swam this morning.

The Mariner game yesterday was as good as the one on Tuesday was bad. But there have been way more bad games that good so it's going to take more than one. Today's game is at 10 am which is just nice and handy.

I feel another critter coming on. But, first, I have to put the sewing room back in order and all the paint stuff away.
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