Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bulging, Bear and beautification...

I left home just after the house cleaner got here and my errands were timed perfectly. One of my stops was paint. I then spent some time this afternoon patch painting where the electrician worked yesterday. He added a track and an outlet. The touch up was a two coat job. I'm letting it dry good to see if it needs 3.

Ooops just remembered I put a load of wash in and forgot to move them to the dryer.

I just discovered that my kictchen counter is swollen, swelling, bulging out the side in one spot. The edge is still pretty attached but the counter is now bigger than the laminate that covers it in this spot. I got no clue if/how to fix but I'm sure it's not simple. A new countertop wouldn't hurt anything but my patience and pocketbook. grrrrrr

Off now to go move that wash to the dryer.

Oh and bear finished.

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