Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is house cleaning day. I think I'll go to the grocery store and drop some donation stuff off at Goodwill while she's here.

Zoey spent last night in a cupboard. Lucky for her, I went to stash some stuff in there this morning to tidy up for the cleaning lady. I wondered why she didn't come whining at me this morning when I came in from the pool. She sure had a lot to say when I opened the cabinet door. Not my fault, cat. I've warned you about that kind of thing before.

On my list of things to do is call the doctor's office for my annual checkup. I hate this - the calling part. This morning, for some reason, I remembered seeing a way to maybe do it online so I went to look and, sure enough, I was able to!! June 2. 8 am perfect. I'll go do labs two days before. He wants fasting and they open early so I can go in on my way home from the pool and give them blood and pee. Done and Done. Now I need to go look at how to get those wellness points for it from that insurance thing so I can get another $25 Amazon gift card!

Last night's Mariner game, I fear, sealed the deal for the season. The only guy on the team who has been hitting worth a damn got pulled due to a muscle injury. The Mariners scored 9 runs. But, Detroit scored 19. It's going to be a long fucking season and, yet another one, with no playoffs. They will carry into 2018 their crown of being the only Major League team to never see the World Series in person.

My lightup fish crocs are just the best. No one has said a word to me about them yet. I do have this hilarious movie clip in my head of what the muscle makers on the machines at the gym are saying as I walk by them to and from the pool. "OMG that old fat lady now has the shoes of a 3 year old!" Which is even funnier when you understand the reality is that I am way more likely totally invisible to them.

I sent a note last night to the president of the Home Owners Association. I allowed as how I was certain their must be good reasons for 1. Changing the Front Door camera access and 2. Not being able to get a fix until June but that now after several weeks without it, I was finding it increasingly unsafe to be letting people in without seeing them. Her response indicates this is all new to her. (Only Wave cable TV customers can see the Front Door camera. She has Comcast, I think.) I'm pretty sure that by next week, I'll have my front door camera back or have a sound, credible reason why not. I gave that asshole manager time to fix without escalation.

I just got a text with a picture of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD!!! I saw this thing once years and years ago and it cracked me up. ljtourist was going near there and while I couldn't talk him into stopping at Wall Drug (I think something akin to cold day in hell was mentioned), he did go find the Corn Palace!!

This just tickles me to no end for no good reason at all. My day is made.
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