Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now I get it

I am not a you tuber (or any kind of tuber really). I rarely click on videos in LJ, for example. If I'm goggling how to do something, generally video is my last choice and when I'm forced to watch, I get totally frazzled by all the intro and the unnecessary chit chat and then distracted by dirty fingernails on the hands of the person showing me what to do. I never go to YouTube randomly to just see what's there.

There is one YouTuber (MKBHD) who's videos I will watch (tech stuff) but mostly I've never really understood those who get lost in You Tube or spend hours in You Tube watching stuff. I just never got it. Until now.

I just fell down a rabbit hole of miniature food preparation videos. I probably watched a dozen before I dug myself out of the hole. Wow.

The electrician came and was pretty much a satisfactory fail. The socket that was falling out of wall just need a screw tightened. (geesh) Adding a new socket outlet to the bathroom turned out to be a Too Much Of A Thing to justify. So, at his suggestion, we just pinned the (surge protector) cord to the baseboard so that it looks way more tidy and kind of fades into the background. And he added a socket to the sewing room but not where I really wanted it. Where I wanted it would have been way too involved.

BUT the guy was really really nice and exceedingly pleasant to have in my house and be around. He was here for exactly 2 hours so I figure, with tax, $200. Maybe $250. Which is totally worth what he did and knowing for sure that the other stuff will be a BFD if/when I decide to do it. I'm cool with that.

Last December I got my wallet stolen. In it was a Reach Now card (short term car rental - like Car2Go). I requested a new card. I got an email saying they would get right on it and I should have the card in two weeks. In two weeks I sent them another email request. This time I got a profuse apology saying I would have the card in two weeks. I did this every two weeks until finally in February or March I just gave up. Fuck 'em.

Today - just now - I get an email from them saying the card got returned with a note about a bad address. Er, correct. The address you have is not the one I sent you every two weeks for 3 months.

I sent them the correct address. I'm not holding my breath.

I made another creature. And did some mending. The baseball game starts at 4.

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