Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting for Godot

Except it's the electrician and I think he'll be very non-Godot. I got a call last night and one again this morning from the company saying to expect him at 8. Ok, gotcha! I like the attention to detail. They also have the most amazing phone line. Calls to and from them sound so crystal clear. I got a call last night from a friend that had the worst connection ever. And it was a hi, how are you call so it was kind of necessary to hear. Frustrating.

I want a coffee mug with a handle and a lid that holds about 16 oz and is no higher than 4.5" tall and does NOT have a metallic rim where my lips touch. Turns out... not so easy to find. Oh and doesn't drip. The search continues.

I started using a waterpic last July and am only sorry I waited so long. I love how it makes my mouth feel and I love how it gets all the bits out from between my teeth. I have two. One is big and takes up too much room on my tiny bathroom counter. One is a Phillips 'portable' that sits on a charging base. It's the latter I've been using now for 10 months. Last night, for some reason, I looked closely at the water reservoir. It was full of black stuff - like little moldy bits. OMG. I've been cleaning my teeth with black mold. UGH. I cleaned it all out but I think I'm going back to the bigger counter-hog version. I'm not generally squeamish. I eat eggs long past their sell by date, I even drink milk after the date on the carton as long as it doesn't smell. But shooting black mold into my mouth takes even me over the edge.

Time to go get stuff ready for the electrician.
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