Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fish Feet Fabulous

Zappos arrived and they are glorious. If they didn't light up, they would still be glorious. But the fish around the outside of each (not the inside) lights up when you walk and that just ratchets up the glory. On carpet, they may skip a step or two lighting up but on hard floors, they sing. I'm so delighted. They are my now my EverydayShoes.

I saw the guy who owns the unit next to me being rolled out on a stretcher before the asshat building manager took the front door camera access down. This was a couple of weeks ago. I've been keeping my eye out for him or his wife but haven't seen either. They run an insurance office out of there and sometimes spend the night, particularly when the Mariners are in town. (I just remembered. It was April 10 - opening day.) Their actual house is across the lake in Bellevue.

Anyway, today I saw movers moving stuff out so I went downstairs to see if he or his wife was by the moving truck. They weren't but a young woman was so I asked her. It's their daughter and he had a stroke. And he's still in the hospital. They were moving his office stuff because when he gets out of rehab, he and Sue (his wife) are moving into the unit to live there until he recovers. Their house, apparently, has lots of steps. I gave her my card and urged her contact me if I could help in anyway. I'm glad to know he's on the mend anyway.

I made a couple of dolls and a ??. We may be seeing more ??'s. I wasn't thrilled with this one but I have some more ideas... And I need a better name for them. I can't see a future in ??'s.

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